Get To Know Me

Memory catcher

Hey there, it's




If you are looking for someone to honestly and artistically capture your story, we will be a great match!

Everyone has such a unique story, and I would love to help you tell yours. As your photographer I aim to capture authentic moments as they unfold. I will help create a fun and relaxed atmosphere so you can just be yourself. We can let things naturally unfold and capture the beauty/chaos of your life. It's my passion to freeze time and capture glimpses of your life and what means the most to you!

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

I started photography after the birth of my son as a way to freeze time. As my little family grew so did my love for taking photos. I absolutely became obsessed with capturing my kids and documenting every tiny milestone and all the in-between moments. My three kids sparked such a deep passion in me to capture their childhood. I would love to meet you and capture those same amazingly precious memories for you, so let's do it!

Okay, just in case you had a burning desire to know even more about me...

I'm Topeka, KS born and raised. I met my husband Damien while we were both working at Applebee's. We created an awesome trio of humans; one totally cool big brother followed by middle sis and little sis. These are my people and my why, and gosh do they make life so, so good! I went to college to be a registered nurse and worked 12 years on the post-surgical and pediatric units. I currently work part-time as an access nurse, but my big love photography wins my heart so that's the full-time gig.

I love all things music, so please believe we will have a playlist going to jam to at your session. I play video games and I'm not sorry about it lol. I spend a lot of weekends watching my girlies play soccer and proudly claim the soccer mom badge.

Total introvert and empath here, so I feel all the feels and probably awkwardly relate to so many of you. I'm non-judgmental and generally intrigued to meet new people from all different backgrounds, and love good, interesting life stories. I'm by nature "shy" but that doesn't mean we won't become friends fast. I can't wait to meet you!!